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Bill Coleman 57lbs+ and Counting! - April Member Spotlight

I remember when Bill first called me up, he had told me about his knee surgeries and needed to lose some weight. I also give my spiel, that "I don't promise any weight loss in X days, or that I guarantee X in X amount of time". It is always on the person and how they train, and what they eat. There is only so much as a coach, and as a gym we can do.

Well as of April 18th, 2019 Bill Coleman has lost 57 lbs and looks to be losing more! We're so proud of his journey, mentally, physically, and how much our Roufusport community has help in his life.

If have any questions, or looking to start your free trial now, drop us a line now!

📱920-301-3570 call or text 💻

If you're not in the Greater Green Bay Area check out the other Roufusport locations in WI or world wide!

-------------------------------------- Video produced by Live For Media

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