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Titletown MMA Academy Instructors

Information of our instructors and coaches at the Titletown MMA Academy

Eric Chang

Head Instructor
  • 2-0 Kickboxing 1-0 MMA (Amateur)

  • RKA Purple belt under the Duke Roufus Kickboxing Association (Oct 24th, 2016)

  • BJJ Blue Belt (2 stripe) under Professor Daniel Wanderley 

  • 8+ years of MMA experience (BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing)

  • Personal Trainer to various NFL athletes, and NHL athletes.

  • Created and taught at the youth afterschool MMA program for the GBPS, and Boys and Girls Club, which is funded through the Donald Driver Foundation

Troy Polson

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor
  • 25+ years with BJJ and Self-Defense

  • BJJ Black Belt (11-21-2020) Under Daniel Wanderley

  • BJJ Brown belt (4 Stripe) under (see

  • BJJ Purple belt under Henry Matamoros & Jon Friedland (Pedro Sauer Association)

  • BJJ Blue belt under Relson Gracie/ Scott Devine/ Onzuka Brothers

  • Additional instruction: Chris Matsuo Daito-Ryu, Lonnie Ross Judo

Bryan Bautista

MMA Instructor
  • 5-2 (Amateur) 4-1 (PRO) MMA

  • Bellator veteran

  • Belted under Daniel Wanderley


Jen Poljacik

Cardio Boot Camp Instructor

​Jen started her career teaching group exercise and never stopped because she believes in community, connection, and how beneficial exercise can be emotionally.


She has dedicated her professional career to helping others live better and believes health and wellness are to be shared with one another. The results we see by prioritizing our own health will become contagious and affect others around us. Her philosophy is, “We can create a better way of life,” one person at a time. She is passionate about all aspects of wellness and especially creating a good healthy environment and good habits at home to be shared with our younger generation so they may also enjoy a better life.


No matter where you are starting your wellness journey, she is passionate and committed to inspiring you to create a positive change in your own life and create new healthy long-term habits that can be passed along. My enthusiasm, dedication, and motivation are contagious, and I refuse to fail at helping people get what they want most.


Jordan Berg

MMA Instructor
  • 5-1 (Amateur) 3-0 (PRO) MMA 1-0 Kickboxing

  • RKA Purple Belt under the Duke Roufus Kickboxing Association

  • BJJ Blue Belt (1 stripe) under Daniel Wanderley

  • 8+ years of MMA experience (BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing)


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