Titletown MMA Academy Instructors

Information of our instructors and coaches at the Titletown MMA Academy

Eric Chang

Head Instructor
  • 2-0 Kickboxing 1-0 MMA (Amateur)

  • RKA Purple belt under the Duke Roufus Kickboxing Association (Oct 24th, 2016)

  • BJJ Blue Belt (2 stripe) under Professor Daniel Wanderley 

  • 8+ years of MMA experience (BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing)

  • Personal Trainer to various NFL athletes, and an NHL athlete.

  • Created and taught at the youth afterschool MMA program for the GBPS, and Boys and Girls Club, which is funded through the Donald Driver Foundation

Troy Polson

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Head Instructor
  • 25+ years with BJJ and Self-Defense

  • BJJ Black Belt (11-21-2020) Under Daniel Wanderley

  • BJJ Brown belt (4 Stripe) under (see  mrtselfdefense.com)

  • BJJ Purple belt under Henry Matamoros & Jon Friedland (Pedro Sauer Association)

  • BJJ Blue belt under Relson Gracie/ Scott Devine/ Onzuka Brothers

  • Additional instruction: Chris Matsuo Daito-Ryu, Lonnie Ross Judo

Cody Di Natatle

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor
  • BJJ Brown Belt under Marcio Rodrigues

  • BJJ Purple Belt under Scott Houston 

  • BJJ Blue Belt under Jon Friedland

  • Coaches and leads our BJJ competition team


Jordan Berg

MMA Instructor
  • 5-1 (Amateur) 3-0 (PRO) MMA 1-0 Kickboxing

  • RKA Purple Belt under the Duke Roufus Kickboxing Association

  • BJJ Blue Belt (1 stripe) under Daniel Wanderley

  • 8+ years of MMA experience (BJJ, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing)