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3 Rivers Throwdown 12 - The Juggernaut Jossart

Then Titletown MMA Academy and RoufusportGB fighter Jacob Jossart will look to prove himself once again. His debut fight against Nelly Thompson didn't go as planned with a doctor stoppage. But he was always in the fight, and managed to stay against a more veteran opponent for an extremely tough debut.

Jacob spent his wrestling career with the Bayport High-school team, then followed onto pursuing a career in the Marines and training to be a Marine Scout Sniper. The team is excited that to see him step in again, and to show case this ever growing set of skills.

August 26th, is when Jossart is set to face off against Johnny Mack in Lacrosse, WI.

Tickets can be found via under the 3 Rivers Throwdown XII event and under Jacob Jossart's name!

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