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Thoughts From a Friend and Coach

We are fast approaching Titletown MMA's fighter Jordan Berg's 9th fight, all the hard work has been put in already. With the last week of the camp closing, we just focus on keeping his timing in check and making sure he says as healthy as possible and minimizing the nagging injuries any fighter will have during the course of a camp.

The toughest part is we don't get to stop being nervous. A fighter has the benefit of being able to burn their energy once they step into the cage. Then again in the same breath we don't take the beating at all. But there is an element of us that wins and loses with them. There is nothing worse than seeing someone put in all the time and hard work only to come up short. They've sacrificed time with family, friends, food, and more for what is a essentially a job that pays nothing. At the early levels it truly is a passion, and as cliched as it sounds, it isn't for everyone. But regardless sometimes as a coach your nerves are fried and you have to do everything in your power not to show it, because that kind of negative energy is extremely contagious especially in the locker room.

In this sport, the highs are high and the lows are lows. Regardless of the out come the sun will rise and the world doesn't stop as much as it feels like it would. Our students, team, coaches, friends and family are all excited to see Jordan Berg show case his skills March 9th. But at the end of the day, win or lose (though its always more fun to win) I want all of my fighters to walk out proud of what they did. Even if they never made it to the UFC, if they put forth everything they had, they could still walk away proud in my book.

Big thanks to our Roufusport family, to both the Milwaukee HQ, and to our sister gym Roufusport Appleton. Both have been instrumental for Berg and myself in growing and improving to that next level. Of course we can't leave out Professor Wanderley of the Wanderley Jiu-Jitsu association for his guidance as a mentor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

If you want to see some of the best Wisconsin has to offer, come out and support Jordan Berg! Just visit and select "Jordan Berg" and he'll get a percentage of the ticket sales. This helps him a long way to make up for time training and fees associated with fighting.

Big shout out to Live For Media for following and some of Jordan Berg's journey.

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